miércoles, 14 de octubre de 2009

New Doll WIP! / Nueva Muñeca en Proceso!


Here you have the head of my new doll, it needs to be sanded. She's going to be a mosquito queen!

Hope you like her! Thanks for looking! :)



Aquí teneis la cabeza de mi nueva muñeca, tengo que pulirla aún. Va a ser una reina de los mosquitos.

Espero que os guste! Gracias por mirarla! :)

7 comentarios:

teapartied dijo...

I love the eyes!
Can't wait to see the finished product :)

Vero dijo...

Oh, many thanks! I'm glad you like her! :)

Brandon dijo...

She's great!!


Vero dijo...

wow thanks Melissa! :)

RhiannonSTR dijo...

That is awesome - he looks so sweet. Very nice.
Daily Paint Journal

Vero dijo...

thanks for your compliment Rhiannon, I'm going to follow your blog now! :)

Vero dijo...

yay! I'm so excited!